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Sales 101

Being a sales person to me is being the ultimate entrepreneur; it’s about finding a solution to your client’s problem. Sales is the blood line of any business. It’s often how most people build an impression of your product and the overall brand. I’ll spare you any more spiel on the importance of closing deals and jump right into what I have found to be the most important factors in being a successful problem solver.

Problem solve

First and foremost, you are there to provide solutions. The primary reason your product exists is because there is a problem in the market place that you solve. Know the problem and better yet understand your solution. Tailor it and ensure it’s the best fit for your customers’ needs (this does not necessarily extend to their wants). Uncover their root problem, present a solution and deliver it. They will recognise the value you have added instantly.

This is all about customer expectations and ensuring to always exceed them. This is not by holding something back or delivering what the customer has already paid for, but instead being responsive and treating each client as though they are that million-dollar deal. You can throw in some additional products/services to make the deal even sweeter from the client (warranties, e-resources, gift, etc).

What’s best for the business

Make a business, not a sale. Always think long-term; you are building your brand with each sale. You should always aim to uncover another sale through recommendations and referral that act as a megaphone for your brand. You want your clients to be raving fans, that market your brand for you.

In saying that, you need to take responsibility for what’s best for the business, and sometimes that means turning deals away. This is especially true when it comes to price point. If you are not a price competitor in the market you need to know your floor, and not rely on discounts to sell your product. This comes back to delivering value.

Features & benefits, Relationships and Leadership

We all know the that benefits sell, and that relationships build the foundations of the sale. Leadership is the next step in the process. Not only do we need to sell emotively, always bringing it back to the benefit for the client, but we need to establish a mutual exchange of values and rapport – clients need to trust you. In depth relationships are vital here. This doesn’t have to mean wining and dining your customer, but engaging with them as brand, listening to the community and acting upon it.

You are the expert, that’s why they came to you. Take charge and lead them with your best advice. Challenge their choice if necessary. It’s vital to also realise that your product is an extension of their brand, that means whether it be a service or product it needs to add value to their personal brand on some level.

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