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10 Best Tips for YouTube Advertising

Are you aware that people view over 5 billion YouTube videos every day? YouTube uploads three hundred hours of video content per minute!

Recent statistics in 2019 show that eight out of ten marketers view YouTube as the most effective platform for video marketing (Go Globe).

If your advertising strategy doesn’t incorporate a video component, your visibility and growth potential is significantly stifled. Considering the amount of video content consumed by today’s audience, the video should be the frontrunner of your marketing campaign. Below are helpful tips for successful YouTube advertising:

#1: Select Your YouTube Ad Format Carefully

The first hurdle in YouTube advertising is that there are a variety of ad formats available. So it can be complicated knowing where to begin. The first thing to do should be reading about every individual YouTube format and then factor in your primary objective.

Try out a few ad formats and then compare the results. Be sure to adhere to the specifications that Google has outlined to ensure that the quality and dimensions match up. Investing in market research is worthwhile if you want to understand the ad format that is most suitable for your business objectives.

#2: Keep Opening Credits and Titles Short

Alister Clare, a business advisor from Credit Capital says,” In modern society, the attention span of people is generally short. A long credit sequence or title at the beginning of your video is enough to put-off potential viewers. Furthermore, great opener hinders binge-watching since viewers don’t want to watch the same sequence repeatedly. Instead, make your credits and title punchy and short. Try making the opener less than 5 seconds.”

#3: Make Compelling Content That Has A Native Feel

It is imperative to concentrate on making high-quality video content. You can use a compelling content that draws at the heartstrings or a prank/joke that sees your audience immediately laughing. Including a personal touch that’s relatable to people is what you should be aiming for -- a native and natural experience.

#4: Post On YouTube Multiple Times Every Week

Statistics indicate that YouTube channels that have committed to posting several times a week perform way better and receive more recommended views. If you can, try posting a YouTube video more than three times per week, especially if you’re a novice with a small audience. Maintaining a regular posting schedule multiple times a week can help raise your channel in the YouTube algorithm.

#5: Grow A Sustainable Video Production Workflow

Regardless of the type of videos you want to post, select content that you can create occasionally and grow, and look for ways to streamline your production workflow. You can create an editing template, set up a studio, or enlist a production team or assistants. Continue refining your production workflow and topics until the process becomes like clockwork.

#6: Take Advantage of YouTube Targeting Alternatives

Just like you would when marketing on Google, Twitter, or Facebook, you have to pay attention to the target audience. With the limitless pool of YouTube viewers, why should you focus your energy and money on irrelevant and unqualified eyes who might not be interested in what you have to offer?

YouTube is a versatile platform that will allow you to take control over who views the ads you post. Beginning with demographic targeting, you can layer affinity audiences (meant for targeting individuals interested in a particular topic), in-market audiences, and custom affinity audiences.

#7: Brand Early and Meaningfully

YouTube suggests that top-of-funnel ads perform better when the brand is visible within the first five seconds as well as throughout the ad. At the same time, ads meant for audiences down the funnel (consideration-phase viewers) may want the brand to appear later to enable the viewers to interact with the ad’s story, which drives increased viewing times.

YouTube recommends that branding entails so much more than ensuring you display your logo in the first five seconds. A great video ad should be a personification of your brand where every detail acts in support of that vision, tone, and character.

#8: Indicate To People What They Should Do

As already mentioned earlier, your YouTube ad requires an objective for its performance to be measured.

If your goals are low-funnel actions ( e.g., traffic, conversions, sales, or clicks), then you should consider posting the ad as a campaign. That will provide additional clickable elements to the advertisement, enabling viewers to click before reaching the end.

#9: Collaborate With Other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTubers is the best way to expand your YouTube channel audience. Working alongside another content creator like yourself will expose your message to persons you probably would’ve never linked up to.

#10: Replicate Tactics or Topics From Top-Performing Videos

There’s no substitution for research. Do a comprehensive check into your analytics to locate the videos that receive the most subscriber conversions for every view. Establish patterns between them like the editing style, delivery, or subject. Then create similar videos just like that.

Level up and make your viewers say WOW!

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